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Monthly Deals and Newly Rostered CA Handguns

Beretta 1301


  • 12 gauge Semi-auto
  • Available in Pistol grip mode & standard stock
  • 18.5" barrel
  • Ghost sights

Beretta 1301 Tactical Mod1 - Semi-auto 12ga

Pistol Grip - $1,749.00
Standard Grip - $1,599.00

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Springfield 2020 Waypoint


  • 6.5 & .308 calibers available
  • Composite rifle with carbon fiber stock and carbon wrapped barrel
  • Long range lightweight rifle
  • Adjustable Triggertech Trigger

Springfield 2020 Waypoint - 6.5PRC & .308

JUNE SALE on the 6.5PRC: $2,049
JUNE SALE on the .308: $1,975

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Colt Python


A recessed target crown, user-interchangeable front sight, and Walnut grip with the iconic Colt medallion make this a gun you’ll want to shoot AND show off.

Colt Pythons are back and in Stock!

Colt Python 3" - $1595.00
Colt Python 4.25" - $1549.95
Colt Python 6" - $1595.00

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Sig p226 - Scorpion


The SIG SAUER P226 set the standard by which all other combat handguns are measured

Sig p226 - MK25 Navy & Nitron Models in Stock!

JUNE SALE! Nitron - $949.00
MK25 Navy - $1,299.95

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Sig Sauer P229


  • Polymer grips
  • Double action/single action design

Sig Sauer P229 Elite & Nitron Models - 9mm

Elite - $1,249.95
Nitron - $1,099.95

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Beretta 92FS M9A1


  • 9mm Semi-auto pistol with steel frame, 4.9” barrel.
  • Key feature of the M9A1 is the Rail
  • Double action/single action design

Beretta 92FS M9A1 - 9mm


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Glock 19


  • 9mm
  • 10rd magazine
  • 4" barrel

Glock 19 - 9mm

Price: $599.95

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Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight


  • .38
  • 5 round capacity
  • Rubber Grips

Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight - .38

Price: $499.95

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H&K P2000


  • 9mm semi-auto pistol
  • Available in black and FDE
  • 10 Round capacity

H&K P2000 - 9mm

Avail in Black & FDE: $725.00 FOR JUNE!

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Benelli M2 Field 12Gauge


  • 12 gauge semi-auto
  • ComforTech stock
  • Semi-auto hunting shotgun with 28” barrel

Benelli M2 Field 12Gauge


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Stoeger M3000 Tactical


  • Inertia operating system
  • 18 1/2-inch cylinder-bore barrel
  • 7+1 Capacity

Stoeger M3000 Tactical - Semi-auto 12ga

$649.95 $549.95

More Info

Citadel Boss Hog


  • 12 gauge Pump Action
  • Comes with 20" Barrel
  • Front sight

Citadel Boss Hog - Semi-auto 12ga

$349.00 $249.95
Hatsan Escort Slugger


  • 12 gauge Pump Action
  • Comes with 18" choked 5+1
  • Synthetic Stock

Hatsan Escort Slugger - Pump 12ga

JUNE SALE! $175.00

More Info

Pro series X


  • 12 gauge Pump Action
  • Comes with 18.5″ choked 4+1
  • Front and rear sights

Black Aces Pro Series - Pump 12ga

HUGE DISCOUNT!! $499.95 $275.00

More Info

Dickinson 212TP


  • 12 gauge Pump Action
  • 18 1/2-inch cylinder-bore barrel
  • 5+1 capacity

Dickinson 212TP - Semi-auto 12ga

HUGE DISCOUNT!! $499.95 $349.00

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9mm ammo


We have Fiocchi 9mm ammo

Fiocchi 115gr 9mm

$15.50/box of 50
$300.00/case of 1000
.45 ammo


We have AMMO Inc

AMMO Inc. – 45ACP 230gr TMC

$29.95/box of 50
.223 ammo


  • Prvi Partisan – 55gr ball

Prvi Partisan – 55gr ball ammo

.223 ammo


  • PMC ammo in .223
  • NO LIMIT on buying! Buy as much as you'd like!

PMC .223Rem – 55gr ball ammo


Also have Scorpio (Czech Republic) .223 55gr FMJ - $10.95/box
We have the largest

Used Gun Selection

In San Diego County including rare and collectible firearms

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