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Check out our used and consigned inventory of firearms. Have questions on availability or condition of the item? Give us a call. These are quality used guns and are offered at a huge savings over new pricing. Our inventory changes all the time, so check back often!

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SoCal Gun's Used Inventory - UPDATED 12/04/2020
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Make/Model Description/Condition Price
Josef Winkler Over/Under shotgun (16Ga) with 28" barrels. Ornate engraving. pic 2995.00
Ljutic Over Under Custom over and under shotgun (12Ga). Hardwood stock. REDUCED pic 9000.00
Remington Mdl 32 Over and under shotgun (12 Ga). Manufactured between 1932 and 1944. With ejectors pic 1800.00
Colt 1878 Side by side shotgun (12Ga). 30" Damascus steel barrels. Exposed hammers. Made in 1881. pic pic  1200.00
Winchester 1894

Factory deluxe model with pistol grip. 26" octagonal barrel. Professionally restored. 1895. pic pic pic


H&R Trapper Revolver chambered in .22LR. 6" barrel.   400.00
Lefever DE Side by side shotgun (12Ga) with 30" barrels. Hardwood stock with splinter forend and one-piece extractor. REDUCED pic pic pic pic pic


Ruger M77 Bolt action rifle chambered in 7mm rem mag. Hardwood stock with 24" barrel SOLD
Browning 1895 Lever action rifle chambered in 30-40Krag. Hardwood stock with 24" barrel. pic pic 1200.00
Browning SA22 Semi-auto rifle chambered in .22lr. Hardwood stock with 19" barrel. PENDING
S&W 1891 Single shot top break pistol in 22lr. 8" barrel. Lots of blue on frame. Factory wood grips.  pic pic  pic  pic 1000.00
Colt Frontier Six Single action revolver in 44-40. 7.5" barrel, bone grips. Lettered. 1895 pic pic 4000.00
Colt SAA 1st generation single action in 32-20. 7.5" barrel. Lettered. pic pic  REDUCED SOLD
Ruger Blackhawk Large frame revolver in 44Mag. 6.5" barrel. Early model. Not converted. REDUCED pic pic SOLD
Colt Frontier Six Shooter Classic first generation SAA in 44-40. 7.5" barrel with stag grips. pic pic 4000.00
Marlin 1893 Lever action rifle chambered in 38-55. 28" barrel. Original and unmolested. pic pic pic 2500.00
Springfield 1870 Trapdoor model with 32" barrel and bayonet. Chambered in 50-70. pic pic pic 1500.00
Winchester 77 Semi-auto rifle in .22lr. 21" barrel with hardwood stock.   250.00
Anschutz 1432 Bolt action rifle in 22 Hornet. 24" heavy barrel with scope rings. Hardwood stock. Clean pic pic pic 1250.00
Colt 1903 Semi-auto pistol chambered in 32ACP. Compact model in blue with 3.75" barrel. 1936 pic pic pic 1800.00
Fulton SXS Side by side shotgun (20Ga) with 28" barrels hardwood stock, splinter forend. Clean bores.pic pic   600.00
Springfield Trap Door Single shot classic rifle in 45-70. 29" barrel with hardwood stock. pic pic pic 1000.00
Winchester 70FW Bolt action rifle in .243Win. Featherweight model with 22" barrel. Hardwood stock. 1200.00
Springfield Trap Door Single shot classic in 50-70. 36" barrel with hardwood stock. pic pic 2000.00
Winchester 1892 John Wayne commemorative lever action in 44-40. Engraved coin finish receiver. Large loop with round barrel. pic pic pic pic  REDUCED 1700.00
Browning SA22 Semi auto rifle in .22lr. Belgian made with 19" barrel and hardwood stock. Clean. pic pic PENDING
Browning SA22 Semi-auto rifle in 22lr. 19" barrel. Wood stock. Belgian made. pic pic   850.00
Winchester 1886 Large frame lever in 45-90 black powder. 26" octagonal barrel. Made by Miroku. Unfired.  pic  pic 1550.00
Blaser R93 Bolt action rifle in .308Win. Engraved coin finish receiver with hardwood stock. 22" barrel. Straight pull action. pic pic 3500.00
Blaser Tactical 2 Bolt action rifle with two barrel set (.338 Lapua/.308Win) Black synthetic stock and case. pic pic pic 5000.00
Desert Tactical SRS Custom bullpup bolt action rifle. Two barrel set .338 Lapua/.308 Win. with case. pic pic 7500.00
Winchester 1873 Lever action rifle in 38-40. 24" octagonal barrel. All original. Made in 1884. pic 3000.00
Marlin 410 Lever action rifle in .410. 22" barrel in blue finish with hardwood stock. pic 1500.00
Winchester 1866 Collectible lever action converted to 44 centerfire. Brass receiver. Newer butt stock. pic pic 5000.00
Colt 1849 Pocket Classic percussion revolver in .31 caliber. 5" barrel. Scrolled cylinder. pic   800.00
Japanese Nambu  WWII Semi-auto pistol in 8mm. Blue finish with 4.5" barrel. Includes holster and 2 mags. pic pic pic 1600.00
Colt 1862 Navy Pocket Classic revolver converted to .38 rimfire. 4.25" octagonal barrel. Brass trigger guard. pic 2000.00
S&W 1 1/2 Tip up revolver in 32S&W. blue finish with 3.5" barrel.  pic   600.00
Savage 12 Bolt action rifle in 22-250. 24" stainless fluted heavy barrel with scope and bipod. pic pic   825.00
Springfield 1884 Single shot trapdoor model in 45-70. 22" barrel with hardwood stock. Antique Pre-1899 pic pic pic 1100.00
Browning Safari Bolt action classic in 30-06. Hardwood stock, engraved bottom metal and trigger. 22" barrel.  pic pic 1000.00
H&R MC58 Military trainer in .22lr with 22.5" barrel. Rare.  pic  pic  pic  pic 2500.00
Winchester 21 Classic SxS shotgun (12Ga) with 28" barrels. Beavertail forend. Made in 1934 pic pic SOLD
Winchester 94 Lever action rifle in 25-35. 26" barrel with hardwood stock. 1898.  pic pic 1000.00
Webley & Scott 920K Over and under shotgun (20Ga) with 26" barrels. threaded chokes. blue receiver. pic 1200.00
Winchester 1866 Early lever action rifle with brass receiver . 44 caliber shoots both rim and centerfire. 1870.  pic pic pic pic 7000.00
CZ 527 Bolt action rifle in .22 Hornet. 22" barrel with hardwood stock and scope.   600.00
Korth Sport Classic German revolver in .22lr. Blue finish with 6" vent rib barrel. Wood grips. 2800.00
Steyr M Bolt action rifle chambered in .270Win. 23.5" barrel. Dual set triggers. pic pic 1795.00
Colt 1911A1 US Property Marked 1911. Made in 1941. Parkerized finish. Great overall condition. SOLD
High Standard  Supermatic Trophy model. Semi-auto pistol in 22lr. 5.5" barrel round. pic pic PENDING
Winchester 94/22 Lever action rifle in .22Mag. 20" barrel and hardwood stock. pic 1200.00
Winchester 1873 Classic lever action in 38-40. 24" round barrel with excellent bore. Lots of blue finish. 1889.  pic pic pic 4500.00
Weatherby MK V Bolt action rifle in 300Wby Mag. 24" barrel with black synthetic stock and scope. 1200.00
Remington 552 Semi-auto rifle chambered in 22lr. 21.5" barrel. Wood stock w/ scope.  pic   375.00
Browning SA22 Grade 2 Semi-auto rifle in .22lr. Light scrollwork. Grade II model made in Japan. Original box.  pic pic pic pic 1400.00
Marlin 1893 Classic lever in 30-30 with 26" octagonal barrel. Hardwood stock. Color case receiver.  pic pic pic  PENDING
Astra 600 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. WWII production with matte blue finish. Waffenmarked. pic pic pic   900.00
Browning A5 Stalker Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga) with 26" threaded barrel. Engraved receiver with synthetic stock. pic pic SOLD
Browning BAR Semi-auto rifle in 30-06. 22" barrel in blue finish with wood stock. 3x9 scope. pic PENDING
Browning A5 Stalker Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga) with 28" threaded barrel. Engraved receiver with synthetic stock. 1000.00
Winchester 1873 Lever action classic in 32-20.  24" octagon barrel. Made in 1883. All original.  pic pic pic SOLD
British 1800 Sea Service Flintlock pistol. .54 black powder ball. 9" barrel. Very old and all original. pic  pic  pic 1000.00
Robbins & Lawrence Model 1841 percussion rifle. .58 black powder ball. 33" barrel.  pic  pic  pic pic  pic 1000.00
Colt SAA Colt Sheriff's Model. Single action revolver in 45ACP. Bright nickel finish. 3rd generation w/ 3.5" barrel.  pic  pic pic SOLD
Hopkins & Allen Side by side shotgun (12Ga) with 30" barrel. Exposed hammers. Wall hangar.  pic  pic   250.00
S&W 53 K-frame revolver. Chambered in 22 Rem Jet. Includes original box and inserts to fire .22lr. Nice blue finish, case hardened trigger and hammer. factory grips.  pic pic pic pic 1500.00
Winchester 5500 Over and under shotgun (12Ga) with 28" barrels. Coin finished receiver. Threaded chokes and carrying case.  pic  pic 1650.00
Brown Southerner Single shot derringer in .41 rimfire with swing out 2" barrel.  pic   500.00
Sako Finnfire II Bolt action rifle chambered in 17HMR. Walnut stock with 22" barrel. Clean.  pic  pic   900.00
S&W 27-3 Classic revolver chambered in .357Mag with 5" barrel. Commemorative FBI model with display box. 1325.00
Anschutz 1416 Bolt action rifle chambered in .22lr. 23" barrel with hardwood stock. Very clean.   900.00
Remington 40-X Bolt action target rifle in .308Win. 24" SS bull barrel. Custom stock with scope. 2500.00
S&W 29-3 Large frame revolver in .44Mag. Nickel finish with 4" barrel. SOLD
Japan Type 94 Semi-auto pistol chambered in 8x22. 4" barrel. Includes holster.   650.00
Remington 572 Fldmstr Pump action rifle in .22lr. Blue finish with 21" barrel. Checkered stock, Original box. Like new SOLD
Winchester 94 Lever action rifle in 32Win. 20" barrel with hardwood stock. Flat band model added pad   700.00
Steyr Model L Bolt action rifle in .243Win. 24" roto hammered barrel. Hardwood stock. 1500.00
Sharps 1895 Falling block single-shot in 50-70. Saddle ring carbine with 22" barrel. Original stock. Nice 1600.00
Winchester 1886 Classic lever action rifle in 45-70. Not a lot of blue left but it has great rifling. 2750.00
Sako 85M Bolt action rifle in 9.3x62. Hardwood stock and 23" barrel. 2750.00
Remington 521-T Bolt action rifle in 22lr. 25" barrel.   300.00
Nikko 5000 Grade II Over and under shotgun (12Ga) with 26" barrels.   995.00
Browning Citori Over and under shotgun (20ga) with 26" barrels. Hardwood stock. 1295.00
Marlin 7000 Semi-auto rifle in 22lr. 18" barrel.   200.00
Ruger Vaquero Single action revolver in 44Mag. 5.5" barrel in blue finish with case hardened frame.   750.00
Rockola M1 Carbine Semi-automatic rifle in 30 Carbine. Wood stock. SOLD
Winchester 72  Bolt action rifle in .22lr. Tube fed target model with factory rear peep. 25" barrel  450.00
Ruger Super Blackhawk Single action revolver in 44Mag. Stainless finish with 3.75" barrel.  SOLD
Browning Superposed Over and under shotgun (12Ga) with 28" barrels. Belgian made with hardwood stock SOLD
Vepr Pioneer Semi-auto rifle in .223. Magazine fed with 21" barrel set in hardwood stock. Russian made SOLD
Browning Citori Custom over and under shotgun. 4 barrel set (12, 20, 28 and 410) with custom case. SOLD
Winchester Mdl 70 Bolt action rifle in 30-06. Full length extractor. Hard wood stock. 24" barrel w/ scope. SOLD
Remington 721 Bolt action rifle in 30-06. Hardwood stock with 24" barrel. Leupold glass.    650.00
Remington 700 Bolt action rifle in .223Rem. Hardwood stock with 24" barrel. Leupold glass.   650.00
Browning Safari Bolt action rifle in 30-06. 24" stepped barrel. Hardwood stock. Colored baseplate and guard. 1200.00
Winchester Mdl 70 Bolt action rifle in .270Win. Black synthetic stock. Stainless action and barrel. scoped. SOLD
Remington Model 6 Pump action rifle in 30-06. Hardwood stock with 22.5" barrel. SOLD
Browning Cynergy Trap Custom shotgun over and under (12Ga) with second barrel delete set. Like new.  3500.00
Stoeger M3500 Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga). Turkey set up with camo pattern, pistol grip and 24" barrel.   850.00
FN Mauser Bolt action rifle in 30-06. Hardwood stock. 24" barrel in blue finish. 1200.00
Ruger Blackhawk Classic single action revolver in 41Mag. Blue finish with 4.75" barrel.   750.00
New Original Henry Classic lever action rifle in 44-40. Brass receiver. 24" barrel. 1800.00
Winchester M1 Carbine Semi-auto rifle in 30carbine. Hardwood stock. Soft sack SOLD
Marlin 1895 TSBL Lever action rifle in 45-70. Wild west custom finish and tuning. SOLD
National Ordnance 1903 Bolt action rifle in 30-06. Hardwood stock with 24" barrel. (1903A3 - model)   850.00
Winchester 94 Lever action rifle in 30-30. 20" barrel with custom walnut stock SOLD
Fulton M14 Custom semi-auto rifle in .308. Hardwood stock with 18" barrel. 3750.00
Winchester 37 Break action shotgun (20Ga). Hardwood stock with 26" barrel. SOLD
Kimber 89BGR Bolt action rifle in 375H&H. Hardwood stock with 24" barrel. 2850.00
Richard Fisher SXS Side by Side shotgun (16Ga) with 30" barrels. Professionally redone. Case hardened rcvr 1000.00
Remington 03-A3 Bolt action rifle in 30-06. Hardwood stock with 24" barrel. 1500.00
Colt 1873 Single action revolver in 38spl. 5.5" barrel 1750.00
Beretta A300 Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga). Camo pattern with 28" barrel. SOLD
Colt Woodsman Semi-auto pistol in .22lr.  Match target model with box and target. 1949 SOLD
Springfield Operator Full size 1911 in 45ACP. From the custom shop in blue finish. Original case. 6 mags. 3700.00
Springfield Professional Full size 1911 in 45ACP. From the custom shop in blue finish. Original case. 6 mags. SOLD
Sarsilmaz SA-X700 Semi-auto shotgun (20Ga) with 26" barrel. Black synthetic stock. SOLD
Remington A5 Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga) with 25" barrel. Hardwood stock and poly-choke. SOLD
Remington Sprtmn 48 Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga) with 27" barrel. Hardwood stock with Cutts compensator SOLD
Ranger 22 Semi-auto rifle in 22lr. Hardwood stock with 24" barrel. Tube fed.   125.00
Springfield 1903 MK1 Bolt action rifle in 30-06. Hardwood stock. Includes bayonet and sling. 2500.00
Browning A5 Semi-auto "Sweet Sixteen". Walnut stock and decorative scroll. 27.5" barrel. Belgian made 1600.00
Colt Woodsman "Match Target" model. Semi-auto 22lr. 1967 manufacture. 6" barrel 1200.00
Springfield 944 Single-shot "break-action" shotgun (12Ga). 28" barrel. Wood stock   150.00
Uberti 1873 Single action revolver. .22lr. Blue finish with case hardened frame. 5.5" barrel   500.00
Arisaka Type 38 Bolt action rifle in 6.5Jap. 31" barrel. Original stock with mum and dustcover.    750.00
Browning BPS Pump action shotgun (12Ga). Black synth stock with decorative scrollwork.   500.00
Browning Twelvette Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga). 27.5" barrel. Hardwood stock. Engraved receiver.   800.00
Browning 1895 Lever action rifle in 30-40Krag. 24" barrel 1000.00
Browning B-80 Semi-auto shotgun (20Ga) with 26" barrel and hardwood stock.   500.00
Browning A-bolt Bolt action rifle chambered in 300Win. 26" barrel. Black synth stock.   600.00
Browning 2000 Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga) with 28" barrel. Blue finish w/ hardwood stock.   600.00
Browning 1885 Single shot falling block (7Rem mag). 28" octagonal barrel with hardwood stock 1000.00
Browning Mdl 12 Pump action shotgun (28Ga) with 26" vent-rib barrel and hardwood stock. Factory Box 1550.00
Miroku Field Over and under (20Ga) with 26" barrels (IC/IC) Hardwood stock. decorative scroll.   600.00
Browning Mdl 12 Pump action shotgun (20Ga) with 26" barrel. Hardwood stock.   750.00
Browning 78 Single-shot falling block chambered in 25-06. 26" heavy barrel with hardwood stock. 1000.00

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 Collectors Corner

We carry rare and collectible firearms for sale.
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Colt National Match - Pre-war National Match 1911 made in 1934. Pistol is in excellent overall condition and all original.
Price: $8,000

Colt Frontier Six Shooter - Single action revolver from Colt built in 1914. This is a Frontier Six Shooter chambered in 44-40 and fitted with 7.5" barrel. Barrel retains much of the original blueing. The receiver while lacking much of the original finish is free of pitting and in good condition. Gun is fitted with stag grips.
Price $4,000

1898 Krag Carbine - Manufactured in 1899 this rifle is 1 of 5000 produced. Rare carbine length model with 22" barrel chambered in 30-40 Krag. This rifle is fit with the 1899 long forearm stock with special handguard for the 1901 rear sight. Rear sight is stamped "C" noting it is the appropriate sight for the Carbine model. Excellent condition for its age of 118 years.
Price $3,500

Josef Winkler O/U - From the craftsman of Ferlach, Austria. 16Ga over and under shotgun. Decorative scrollwork throughout. Walnut stock with cheekpiece. Double triggers.
Price: $2,995

Winchester 1894 - Documented through Cody Museum, original Factory Deluxe Model. Second year production 1895. Chambered in 38-55 with 26" octagonal barrel. Professional restoration. Case hardened lever and hammer. Fitted with Lyman peep sight.
Price: $5,000

Marlin 1893 - Classic lever action rifle in 38-55WCF. Octagonal barrel. Color case receiver. Made in 1899.
Price: $2175.00

Winchester 1885 High Wall - Single shot falling block design with Heavy octagonal barrel. Fitted with custom stock and original chambered in 25-20. Barrel was resleeved to .22-3000 R-2 Lovell. Receiver retains some color case. Fitted with early Weaver 29S scope. A unique piece of firearm history.
Price: $2,000

Colt SAA - First generation single action revolver chambered in 32-20. Made in 1902 and fitted with 7.5" barrel. Handgun comes with Colt factory letter. Gun is stamped "W. F. & Co." on bottom strap. Original grips have been replaced.
Price: $3,000

Colt SAA 2nd generation - .357 Magnum single action Colt revolver. Made in 1969. Blue finished 5.5" barrel with matching cylinder. Case hardened receiver with factory rugger grips. Good overall condition with slight wear to finish on left side of muzzle.
Price: $2,500

Colt SAA 3rd Generation - Beautiful polished blue barrel and cylinder set in case hardened receiver. 45 long colt with 5.5" barrel. Prancing pony and American eagle factory grips. Comes with original box. Excellent overall condition.
Price: $2,000

Winchester 1866 - This is a fine example of one of Winchester's first lever action rifles. An 1866 Third model which has been converted to shoot both center and rimfire .44 caliber ammunition. Original Brass receiver with original stock and barrel. Fully functioning action makes this a valuable addition to any Winchester collection.
Price: $7,000